Aden Trip - September 2007


Jackie Degg and son, Aidan, Don Stephenson and Jonathan Wilkins visited Aden in September 2007.  Jackie and Don were last there 35 years ago but this was Aidan’s first visit and his impressions can be viewed at the following link Aidan.

Here’s what we did:

>   Explored Steamer Point, Maalla, Crater Bandar Sheikh and its numerous bays.

Ø     Had drinks in the club bar and “performed” on stage at the Community Hall. 

Ø      Climbed Observation Hill.

Ø   Climbed up inside Little Ben, a perilous ascent, to admire the new clock movement.

Ø Given a tour of the Refinery and Power Station.


Photographs can be found at the following link Refinery visit.


invited to his beautiful family home, in Crater, for tea.

Ø Searched parts of Khormaksar, looking for Don's old home, and the Isthmus school.  Regretfully, we didn't find either.  Don's home is now part of a military camp and the Isthmus school area contains the diplomatic missions.

We met many people on our trip and were greeted warmly and enthusiastically wherever we went.  Special thanks to Ibrahim for his kindness and taking time out from his busy job to be with us.  Also, many thanks to our driver, Abdullah, who looked after us with great patience and, in some cases, much amusement as we indulged our memories.

If you have the chance go back to Aden - GO - it is so worth the journey.  The place has changed but the old buildings and the charm still remains and, did I mention, the people are wonderful.

More photographs of the trip can be seen at the following link >>  Aden September 2007
Jonathan Wilkins
 November 2007