Alwin Davis

Alwin sent in these pictures and descriptions of his time spent in Aden. Alwin's mother and father worked at the BP Hospital from the 1960's until the mid 80's before returning home to  Kanyakumari in Southern India..   

Photograph is my parent's taken during Mid 80's at Little Aden beach.

My Father's Name: A.Sundaram My Mother's Name: Hepsiba Sundaram. Both of them were working in ARC as nurses from 1960 to 1986.

Alwin Davis.S standing behind his parents and his brother S.Edwin Sam sitting in front of their parents.This photograph taken around 1981-82.

S.Alwin Davis at the Little Aden beach in1985. Alwin was born at the BP hospital in October 1972.

This photo was taken at 1975-76 during Christmas programme. Alwin and his father receiving a Christmas gift

Alwin Davis and his sister far left.

Alwin's parents are on the far right attending a farewell function for one of their colleagues from the refinery hospital