One of the mainstays of our life in Aden was radio. We had the BBC World Service which was our contact with the UK. Locally we had the SABS (South Arabian Broadcasting Station)  and the BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service. Initially the local services provided us with news and entertainment but, as the troubles began, they also provided security announcements. Alan Grace was a News Editor at BFBS Aden and presented his own show "The Roving Report". Very little remains of the radio programs as the tapes were lost during the withdrawal. However, Alan has very kindly provided the site with one of his recordings of the Roving Report from  1965  and a number of security announcements transmitted during February 1967. Alan Grace is the author of  a book titled " The Link with Home" which details 60 years of forces radio. The role of BFBS Aden is well documented in the book. 

BFBS Aden was located in Steamer Point and was the only station in the history of the organization to have had  a machine gun post on the roof. On May 3rd 1965 the station came under attack from bazooka and machine gun fire. The first listeners knew of the incident was when details were transmitted by the BBC World Service from London as the BFBS station was not allowed to comment on security matters. Eventually the military command gave permission for all incidents to be reported by BFBS radio.

"Roving Report January 1965 ". 1.  Alan Grace talks to Sqd Leader Jack Riley about Aden's latest musical "The Pirates of Penzance"  and the growth of theatre in the colony. 2. Fred Hunter BFBS London reviews the world of gadgets.  3. After a visit to Swaziland to visit Tiger Radio, Alan Grace talks to Lt David Henderson head of the RAEC, and Sgt John Ackland REME, the stations early morning announcer. The recording is a WMA format and can be heard here, "ROVING REPORT"

Security Announcements from February 1967.  Click on the description for the recording.                                                                                                          

1. Kathy Emmett warning on disturbances.                      

2. Don Durbridge on incidents in Crater.
3. John Nicoll with an incident update.  4. SABS TV on latest curfew instructions.
5. Don Durbridge with incident updates.  6. Roger Dunn with news of a bomb at SABS TV.
7. Don Durbridge incident update.        8. BBC World Service Report.
9. Rodney Burke with an incident update.    10. BBC World Service Report.
11. Peter Buckle with a JSPRS Bulletin.   12. Tony Saul and Michael Birley with incident updates.
13 Peter Buckle with arrangements for married families.  14. BBC World Service Report.
15. Janet Clough and AFBA with latest updates.   16. Ken Brazier BBC Reporter with an update.
17. Janet Clough on curfew arrangements for families.       


NOTE  These  recordings are the copyright of the British Forces Broadcasting Service