Julian Davies


Julian recently contacted the site and donated some photographs and a copy of Jottings. He felt the need to explain one of his pictures!  Thanks Julian .....
" I have also included 2 photos taken by the official photographer ( remember him?)  They did appear in issues of the Jottings , unfortunately i have no copies. One is a bunch of people standing in line for a bit of food ( cooked by Dave Ware ) at the Club  you will recognise a number of the cast. The other was a surreal event  -- there was a genuine Ladies Fashion Show  arranged at the B.P. club  -- the highlight was the appearance of three Internationally renown ' Models'.  I am not sure I want to admit this ever happened but my therapist has advised it is good to 'cleanse the Soul'  The three of us came out ( not a good choice of words) at the end of the show as a finale. Most of the people did not recognise us ( inc my Mother)  but needless to say there were shrieks of laughter and applause. I did make some notes on the back of the pictures. Only lately has my therapist advised me of the profound effect this senseless act had on my life  -- I only hope the other 2 managed better!" 

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January 7th 1969

David Russell, Martin McBride Julian Davies

 BP Club Fashion Show Summer 1971



Julian Davies, ,SallyMarriott, Bethan Cooke