John Macnab recently contacted the site and has sent in over 180  photographs of his time in Aden (1967-1971). John's father was the company GM from 1969 - 1971. Here are his photographs with his captions.


Sue Beadle

Sue Beadle

Kids football -- John and David Macnab Peter Moran Dave Ware ? McBride ? Molesworth

Kids Football -- Martin McBride, Ahmed, Martin Teskey, Graham Duff ? Moran ? Molesworth

John Macnab, Jennifer Titmuss, William Dunbar, Sue Beadle

William Dunbar, Shona Duff, Kim Copus, Martin McBride, John Macnab, Martin Duff

Martin Duff, Martin McBride, Peter Moran, John Macnab, Julian Wilkins

Kids Quiz - December 1968 John Macnab, Robert Rafferty, John Whitely, Julian Davies, Bethan Cooke

Kids Quiz - December 1968 John Macnab, Robert Rafferty, John Whitely, Bethan Cooke

December 1969, David Macnab, Graham Duff Dave Ware ? Molesworth

Sally Marriott, Toby Littlewood, David and John Macnab

Miriam Littlewood

December 1969 Santa (Dudley Hall) David Macnab

David Macnab, Sally Marriott

Sally Marriott - Deep in thought

Julian Davies

Bill Deakin, Peter Molesworth, Alec Chard, Steve Ryder, Gerry Dawson, Jack Hill

Quiz night, Bureika club 10/12/1966

Jack and Rhoda McNeil, Bill and June Linton

Al Samama--11/11/1966

Colin Williamson Alec and Sue Anderson Dave and Olive Brodie

Alistair Anderson

B.Dyke, Alistair Anderson (" Ah don't just pull teeth y'know")

Freda Preston Mr Marriott Mr and Mrs Sharpe Tommy Nutt Jean Beadle (25th wedding anniversary, but the photo does not say who's anniversary it is !

Refinery Appentices

Gm's House bar

Bruce Bomford

Chris Bratt, A.Shaw, Mrs Molesworth

Ron and Jean Butler

Joan Davies, Bruce Bomford, Cynthia Teskey (December 1968)

Alec Chard, F.Haslan

John Macnab, Ahmed Nooh, Bill Deakin, Chris Copus, Jack Hill, Ron Legbourne, Dave Martin

Kay Copus, Jean Butler

Norma Connell's farewell,

Club Dance - November 1968 Ray King, M.Girgirah

Chas Kneebone's farewell (December 1968)

Irvine Leaver's farewell (December 1967)

Norma Connell's farewell, Bruce Bomford

Ramzi Faraz, Mrs Brown, New Years dance

Lucy Richards, New Years dance

John Moran . Bill Tyson New Years dance

David Ware

Dave Ware's farewell (11/1/1971)

Dave Ware's farewell (11/1/1971)

Dave Ware, Major Hassan, Ken Turner

Lucy and Ron Richards, Dave and Ethel Ware, Alex and Alice Miller

Des and Joan Davies, Flo Gray, Cynthia Teskey

Mr and Mrs Davies, Ian Dunbar

Joan Davies and John Macnab, Mrs Sharpe and Des Davies

Angus Caldwell

Gerry Dawson, Irene Worthington, Tommy Nutt (18/1/1971)

John Degg, Peter Beckett

A.Longford, Iona McInnes, Bill Linton, Brenda Dyke (December 1967)

Bill Duff's farewell (25/1/1971,

Bill Duff N.Purvis


Bill Duff's farewell (25/1/1971,

Diane Stuart, Jean Butler, Ann Harris

Bill Duff's farewell (25/1/1971,

Jean Beadle, Alan Richardson, Gill Hall

Bill Duff's farewell (25/1/1971,

Liz Waghorn

Ian Dunbar, John MacDonald

Andy Wells Jack Edwards (September 1967)

Enid Turner

Car Rally Prizewinner - 18/12/1970)

Dennis Evans Jack Whitely (July 1968)

Mary McCormick, Joe Smith, Trevor Morgan, Mary Tait, Kay Copus, Mrs Spragg, Jean Larmer, Mr and Mrs Cockerill, George Budd

Golfing February 1967

A.Shaw, Bill Brownlie, Arthur Partridge



Jean Bomford

Joan Davies

Arthur Kellas (British Ambassador) (3/2/1971)

Bridget Kellas (British Ambassador's wife)

Bridget Kellas, Enid Turner, Alan Richardson

Margaret Evans

Iona McInnes

Irvine Leaver's farewell (December 1967)

Brian and Ann Levick, Gordon Jeffreys

Iona McInnes

John Moss, Hazel Clements, Alan Richardson, Jim MacDonald

Norma Connell

New year's day party 1967

Iona McInnes Martin Caldwell Mrs Robertson Ivy Johnstone

New Years dance

Marion Marriott, New Years dance

Lucy Richards . New Years dance

Tommy Nutt, John Baillie, Mr and Mrs Whitely

Dorothy Reid, Barry Howard, Mr and Mrs Morgan

Brenda Wilde

Neil and Sara Russell

John Clements

Hazel Clements, Nigel Stoneman

Party Time - Martyn Teskey, Jonathan Whitely, David Macnab

19 Marine Drive House Staff

Ali Ahmed, Abdul Tarish, Steve Ryder, Joyce Macnab and 3 Gardeners. 2/2/1971


Dianne Stuart, Shirley Watts

Dave Ware's Barbeque - 6/1/1971,

John Macnab, William Dunbar, Martin McBride, Bruce Bomford, Kim Copus, Shona Duff, Steve Ryder

Harold Wilkins, Terry Watson

Refinery workers (25/1/1971)

Bill Duff

D. Brown January 1969

D. Brown January 1969

Easter Bonnet Dance--8/4/1971 Ruth Pogan, Mrs Girol, Mrs Sharpe, Ruth Holmes, Honor Sacull

John and Sue Griffiths


**** Bir Fuqum December 1968 See below for a list of names


***   Bir Fuqum -- December 1968)     Jean Davies,   Dave and Ethel Ware,     Ken and Jean Beadle,   Ron Groves,  Ron and Lucy Richards,  John Rainer,  Dave and Olive Brodie,   John and Joyce Macnab,  Ron Legbourne,   Iona McInnes,   Dave Brown,   Mr Stewart,  Margaret Marriot,  Doug Stewart,  "Tash" the dog.