Jottings provided us "teenagers" with the arrival and departure dates of our friends to and from the UK. During the holiday's it gave us details of the many events and functions the refinery provided us kids with to keep us amused and out of trouble.. If you have any Jottings stashed  away please let the site have copies of them. They are a terrific reminder of unique times we enjoyed as kids and parents.  Many thanks to  Mary Budd,  Maggie Anderson, Hani Bassel, Nick Ward, Tony Fulton, Jackie Larmer, Alan Mainwaring  and Allan Higgitt for their contributions.



Sept 15th 1971


Maggie Anderson

May 23rd 1973


Tony Fulton

Oct 13th, 1966

May 2nd, 1967

May 9th, 1967

Jan 7th, 1970

Feb 11th, 1970

Feb 18th, 1970


 Hani Bassel

May 19th, 1966

December 5th, 1967

July 16th,  1968

Oct 7th,  1969

December 23rd 1970

March 10th, 1971

April 21st, 1971


Nick Ward

August 4th, 1955

April 1st, 1965

July 15th, 1965

May 5th, 1966


Jackie Larmer

Sept 22nd, 1966

Oct 1st, 1968

Dec 31st, 1968


Allan Higgitt

Aug 23rd, 1962

Nov 12th, 1964

Nov 19th, 1964


Alan  Mainwaring

Nov 13th 1959

March 3rd 1961


Julian Davies

Jan 7th 1969


Miscellaneous  "Jottings" Images