Mike Temple

Mike Temple wrote to the site

 " Enclosed are copies of the three editions I have of the Viewpoint Magazine  as promised. These are examples of great humour in these editions that I am sure everyone who was there at the time will enjoy. “


 Click on the pages to download the magazines (pdf format)


 In a second letter from Mike……  Here is the recording of “Round the World in 80 Days” transferred from cassette tape to CD. On the whole it is reasonably clear, but hopefully you can remove some of the underlying low hum with your specialist software.

The performance was staged in June 1960 by the BP Aden Dramatic Society in the Community Hall, the following being the main characters as read by Joy Temple at the beginning of the recording.

Passepartout                         Roy Lambkin

Phileas Fogg.                          Ray Atwood

Mr. Fix                                Alex Chard

Princess Aouda                      Joy Temple              


Ian Morrin

Alan Mainwaring

Ron Groves

Hazel Perrott

Peter Heath at piano

Produced by Alistair and Maggie Anderson   


The file size is over 50meg.

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