Little Aden

Pictures from the 60's and 70's

The Whole Place

Little Aden from the air, Simon Molesworth

Little Aden sign, Ieuan Sims

Conversions, Ieuan Sims

First Garden, Ieuan Sims,

15 Marine Drive, Craig Young

1 Hampshire Crescent, Craig Young

Marine Drive, Craig Young

20 Surrey Street, Craig Young

20 Al Husseiny Street

Marine Drive looking west

The Top, Observation Hill

Observation Hill, David Speirs

Observation Hill, Simon Molesworth

Bureikha from Observation Hill, Simon Molesworth

The Three Mountains, David Speirs

The Refinery Flare, Aspi

Little Aden refinery, Aspi

Asses Ears reservoir (old water supply for Al Khaisa village)

Bandar Sheikh - BP Club and beach

Ghadir cinema

Ghadir cinema

Little Aden golf course

Bandar Sheikh housing , Craig Young

Bureikha bays, David Speirs

Ghadir, David Speirs

Ghadir, David Speirs

Ghadir beach

Ghadir, Andrew Wilkins

Ghadir Bay Owen Davies

Ghadir Bay, Simon Molesworth

Ghadir housing 1970's

Road sign, Ieuan Sims

Ghadir, Jonathan Wilkins

Little Aden offices , Owen Davies

Ghadir Petrol station Simon Molesworth

Ghadir Petrol station Ray King

Marine drive letter box, Owen Davies

Refinery at Dusk, Ray King

Bandar Sheikh, Simon Molesworth

Ieuan Sims, Bir Fuqum

The "Blue Grotto"

Ghadir from Al Khaisa,

4 Wiltshire crescent, Andrew Wilkins

Little Aden sunset, Simon Molesworth