Miscellaneous Images

If anyone can add names to the faces please contact Jonathan Wilkins


Dr Molesworth Merc cooling off in Abyan. I.Simms

Marion Simms helping a Zibidi woman to draw water in Abyan. Many of these women did not wear the veil. I.Simms

LAPA class of 1969. I wonder how many recognise themselves !! I.Simms

Wadi Hiswa in flood. I.Simms

Dave Brown's farewell party at the club. I.Simms

5 Devonshire street. Renamed 14th October street after Independence. I.Simms

Aden Ladies

Abdul Cowee - Roy King

Crude Operator - Ray King

Solutiser crew - Ray King

Thabet and crew - Ray King

Hospital Hill climb circa 1970

Bishop of Sudan i(Ieun Simms)

Little Aden Church - Christening

Little Aden Golf Club ladies buffet

Golf Club Presentation

Golf Club

BP Rugby Team - Middle row left side Peter Ward, Ian Morrin. 4th from left standing Bernard Couche

Rugby Team - Circa ?

Soccer team 1968 - Ray King

Camel Race - Ieaun Simms

BP Choir

Oil Refinery harbour

Maalla Market

BP Refinery Power Station

Camel Riding

Dhow on Ghadir Beach- Ieuan Simms

Service Yacht Club Bandar Sheikh