My father (Peter) worked for BP for over 30 years and my parents were in Aden from 1954 until 1967. My father was a very keen amateur photographer and took thousands of photos of all aspects of life in Aden, covering people, places and events. He was the wedding photographer at many of the early weddings in Aden and I believe that he was also the semi-official refinery photographer. He therefore took many photos of the refinery, including quite a few of its construction. From mid-1954 when he bought his first Leica, he always had the best equipment, which is reflected in the quality of many of the photos. In the early years he took almost entirely black and white photos (and did his own developing and printing) but in later years he took mostly colour. Fortunately for almost all of the colour photography he used Kodachrome slide film and most of the slides look as good today as when they were first developed. Nick sent in the following pictures, documents, and programme. 

 Nick has been busy scanning his fathers memorabilia and has sent the following directories, programmes and copies of the  Aden BP magazines to the site. We believe the Little Aden Mercury was the predecessor to Jottings . Click on the thumbnails  below for the publications..

1962 L.A. Telephone


1966 L.A. Telephone


Aden Royal Visit


Aden Royal Visit


Jottings Aril 1st 1965




Jottings August 1955 




August 1996


April 30th 1954

May 7th 1954

July 2nd 1954

July 9th 1954   

 L.A. Photographic Society

July 1966

Aden Magazine

 Summer 1966

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