Jim  Pumfrey

Jim has sent in some more photo's from his Aden collection along with two clippings from the Dhow newspaper. The new pictures can be seen below as  the first 5 images . The Dhow newspaper can be downloaded from these two links   Dhow 12/04/1963,  Dhow 1964-1965 . The Dhow newspaper clipping are in a pdf format.


Jim wrote to the site:

I've been viewing your website for a couple of years now and having lived in Little Aden to 1963-65/66 its very interesting to see all of the pictures and film footage that is on view. My father was in the army based at Falaise camp with the army air corps and we lived in the flats near to the oil refinery storage tanks before moving up to the then new married quarters opposite Falaise camp. The flats we lived in near the refinery can now be seen on the map recently posted on your website as Little Aden housing from the BP archive. BP personnel lived in the A-class housing and we lived in what looks like the B-class housing which is on the other side of the road from the open air cinema. As a school kid aged 12-14 we did the usual things that most teenagers did in Little Aden swimming at the army beach next to your BP beach or fishing off the main bridge leading across to Little Aden.  I went to school in Falaise camp and in 1963 there were not many kids of my age. I seem to remember about 10 pupils aged between 12-15 all in 1 class I think at this time it must have been the early days of army families living in Little Aden. Some of the pictures attached were taken from the rooftop of the flats we lived in near the refinery.