The Stewart Family Videos


These video clips were donated to the web site by Pam and Anne Stewart. These are taken from cine films shot  between  1962 and 1964. The clips show life in Aden and some of the  social events BP staged for their staff and families.

The clips are in  a WMV  format and should run within Windows Media player.  Due to the size of the files and your internet connection speed there may be a delay before playing.


Al Ghadir Fair 1962.  The annual fair held at the base of Observation Hill

Gliding in Aden. The Aden Forces Gliding club operating from the Sheikh Othman air strip.

Children's Sports Day 1962,  held at the Bureikha Sports Ground  Clip 1

Children's Sports Day 1963,  held at the Bureikha Sports Ground  Clip 2

Cricket Match  held at the Chapel Hill (Steamer Point) Sports Grounds

Football Match held at the Bureikha Sports Ground

Swimming gala held at the Seaman's Mission

Fancy Dress party held at the BP Club

BP Stables, Honey and foal

Gymkhana held at the Khormaksar Horse Racing track

Go-Karting on the track at Wedge Hill

Khormaksar Air Show


Pamela and Anne have sent in a number of photographs of their time in Aden. These can be seen at the following page.    Stewart