The Benefits of an NFT Gaming Guild

The Benefits of an NFT Gaming Guild

The Benefits of an NFT Gaming Guild

When it comes to playing games, there are many advantages to being a member of an NFT gaming guild. These benefits include game scholarships, in-game assets, and more. You can buy a gaming scholarship and in-game assets from the NFT Marketplace. In addition, a gaming guild can help you to make new friends.


The YGG DAO is a nft gaming guild with a unique structure. It has several SubDAOs and each one focuses on a particular game. Its members can vote for the direction of the organization and make proposals. Once it has decided on its direction, the guild will implement staking vaults to earn revenue from a specific game. For example, a vault might be dedicated to breeding Axies. Another vault might be used to rent out virtual real estate NFTs in The Sandbox. Eventually, the YGG DAO will implement a full range of revenue streams, making it appropriate for passive investors as well.

SubDAOs are specialized economies within the DAO. They interact with the larger DAO economy, but have their own rules. However, they still contribute to the DAO and are free to borrow assets from the YGG Treasury.

The Benefits of an NFT Gaming Guild

Good Games Guild

The Good Games Guild is a blockchain-based gaming guild which aims to create the largest virtual world economy. It invests in gaming titles and sponsors millions of users. Through the guild, members can earn rewards by using NFTs to purchase in-game assets. In addition, the team aims to improve the functioning of the metaverse, a digital reality that contains aspects of online gaming, social media, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

The Good Games Guild uses NFT to collect revenue for the project. The assets are categorized into several types, including characters, land, and collectibles. Possessed assets can be used within the game and can be sold or traded for real world money. Those with property assets can sell or trade them to generate revenue, which can be resold or become collectible.

Merit Circle

Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization that is engaged in the game and community. It consists of a team of scholars and full-time community moderators that work together to maximize yield-generating opportunities within a variety of games. Scholarships are available to users who are interested in joining the Merit Circle. Once accepted, they will be provided with access to the Merit Circle team’s three Axies.

The Merit Circle supports over 30 P2E games. Other guilds may only support two or three. Some of the games supported by the Merit Circle are Sidus Heroes, Axie Infinity, and Illuvium. The guild has almost four thousand members and continues to grow at a rate of 750 new members every month. Moreover, the guild has over $120 million in NFTs and in-game assets.

The Benefits of an NFT Gaming Guild

UniX Gaming

The UniX Gaming in nft gaming community is a community of over 145,000 gamers who all share one common goal – to give people the opportunity to make money in games. The community works towards this goal through scholarships and income streams. It also aims to educate 30,000 gamers per week for free. The UniX gaming community is a pioneer in the play-to-earn space. It is one of the first to use emerging play-to-earn models to connect the fun of gaming with the action of helping others in developing nations.

In addition to its role in The Sandbox, UniX Gaming also sees itself as an ecosystem builder, with high-profile partnerships with major brands. The native $UNIX token is another way to benefit the community. In the future, the guild hopes to evolve beyond being a traditional gaming guild to a gaming ecosystem.


In Edensol, a gaming guild is a group of players with a common goal: to acquire rare NFTs. These NFTs can be purchased or won through battles. Once gained, they can be traded on the major NFT exchanges. As players compete to earn the rarest NFTs, Edensol guilds are increasingly popular.

Edensol is an on-chain, action role-playing game that incorporates NFT technology. It was developed by Golem House, a Lithuanian game studio, and uses the Solana blockchain, which is known for its low costs and high speed. The blockchain allows for unlimited trading in NFT, which helps the Edensol community flourish. Players can choose from one of three classes and customize their heroes, build an army and engage in one-on-one battles with other players. The gameplay is both addicting and compelling.

The Edensol game includes several unique classes, including Warriors, Mages, and Rangers. Players are rewarded with a bounty of NFTs and NSOL tokens for winning battles. The game also has tournaments that allow players to earn cash rewards for winning. Moreover, players can purchase NFTs from the marketplace using NSOLs. They can also trade these NFTs on the major NFT exchanges.

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